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Dr. Huan Xu

  • Category Website Design & Development
  • Client Dr. Huan Xu
  • Start Date 23 January 2021
  • Handover 05 March 2021
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Problem Statement

Project of Website Development in Multilanguage

Huan was our potential client who wanted to develop her website. She came to us to develop her website. She wants to make her website in multiple languages: Chinese and English. She also wanted to integrate E-Commerce and a Chinese payment gateway (Omipay) into her website for online payments through her courses and sessions. She also wanted a feature on her website that would automatically convert the prices into the user's local currency based on their country. So instead of a Universal dollar conversion, the feature will individually adjust the prices for each country. Therefore, it allows manual input for accurate conversions.

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Action Plan

After hearing her desire, we made a WordPress website for her. Our dedicated team started the project and made a WordPress website. To give her a website in multiple languages, we use the feature of WordPress multi-site. We created the website on a single admin panel. On this website, the shop is also integrated. Here, also, the shop is integrated for multiple purposes. Dr Huan sells online courses and also online sessions. For this purpose, we integrated an online payment gateway. We also integrated YouTube APIs so that her YouTube videos would be seen after fetching. We also integrated other payment gateways Omipay and Stripe. Keep this thing in mind Omipay is a Chinese money transfer app from where she could get the revenue of her online sessions and online courses.

On the website, we also introduced a feature in which the prices would be automatically converted and displayed. It is based on manually input values for users in a specific country. For this purpose, we developed a custom plugin with an option to select a specific country. It ensures that the entered price is shown to the users in that country.

  • + WordPress multisite integration
  • + Custom designing
  • + Web development
  • + Multi-language site
  • + E-Commerce integration
  • + Integration of payment gateways (Omipay and Stripe)
  • + Country-based priced integration
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After making lots of efforts, our dedicated team has become successful in making a sleek and modern WordPress multisite. It is a user-friendly and fast-loading website. Also, the website comes up with engaging content attracting the visuals for online courses and sessions. So ultimately it gives you a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. Overall, it is a well-designed website where our client can expand her business to a higher level. The custom design of the website is also outclassed. Also, people will appreciate the English and Chinese language integration in the website. The payment gateways named Omipay and Stripe we introduced are very secure gateways for online payments.

We were committed to our clients in producing an exceptional digital experience for our customers. It, therefore, results in outstanding results with smooth payment method options. Therefore, implementing our strategies resulted in enhancing her business. After using all the strategies, the website experienced a remarkable 500% growth in online sales and generated a lot of traffic. It also boosts the online presence of her website.