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Studio Sitec

  • Category Design & Development
  • Client Studio Sitec
  • Start Date 23 January 2021
  • Handover 05 March 2021
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Problem Statement

Project of redesigning the architecture designer website

The owner of the website is an architectural designer. He was our client and came to our team to redesign his website. He had to mention his overall portfolio on the website. The client had an existing website, and he wanted to redesign it. He wanted the new website to have the best possible architectural design. This is the main reason the website owner approached us. They were having problems with their portfolio section. Conversely, the client did not want to show their portfolio details on the website. He wanted to show some of the portfolios in detail but only to display images for other portfolios. All these things were causing problems. So, we have to redesign clients' websites to meet their specific needs.

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Action Plan

Our dedicated team strived to redesign the client's website according to his special requirements. This is the main reason we found a way to display the portfolio section in a way that is both visually appealing and functional. We also ensured the client would be happy with the final results. First, we designed the website, and when the design was approved, we moved the development to WordPress. Our team also created a custom module that would only open the detailed views of the portfolios selected from the backend. However, on the other side, the portfolios not selected from the backend and their detailed views would not open. Only their project features, images, and titles would be displayed on the front end.

  • + Redesigning the website
  • + Changes in the portfolio section
  • + WordPress development
  • + Created a custom module for detailed views of the portfolios
  • + Some portfolios are only visible at the front end
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So, in the end, our client got a visually appealing portfolio section that elaborately showcases their work. This is the main reason the readers can easily find the information they seek. We also ensured that the portfolio section is easy to use, functional, appealing, and navigable. So, as a result, there was a great customer experience. Also, the website we created was visually appealing and aligned with the client's brand identity. Also, with the help of a custom WordPress module, the client can easily manage the portfolio visibility. After redesigning the website and making changes to the portfolio section, there has also been a remarkable increase in website traffic and user engagement with the portfolio section. The website was very well designed, and therefore, the architectural designer could expand his business to a higher level. He also got many projects after the website redesign. Most surprisingly, the number of architectural projects increased by about 90%.