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Walls Ice cream

  • Category Website Design & Development
  • Client Wall's Unilever
  • Start Date 23 January 2021
  • Handover 05 March 2021
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Problem Statement

Project of Online Sales of
Walls Ice cream, Unilever

As we all know, Walls is a reputed ice cream company in Pakistan famous all over the country due to its great taste and variety of ice creams. Our dedicated web development agency did the Walls Ice Cream online sales project.

They want to make an e-commerce website for online shopping with two main tasks. First of all, they want to customize the woocommerce. So, for this purpose, we developed it on WordPress. Here, we improved the WooCommerce delivery process based on the customer location. They want an option to assign the deliveries based on the customer’s area. For this purpose, we leverage the Google Maps API and Woocommerce to achieve this automatically. The Woocommerce will fetch the customer’s area during checkout and also identify the appropriate salesperson for that area. So we set the woocommerce which sets the delivery status and assigns it to the identified salesperson.

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Action Plan

The whole working process is that whenever the order is placed, it will be received separately by the area manager and the territory manager. So when the area manager and territory manager proceed with the order, it will be sent to the salesperson in that area, who will deliver the order. We use the Google Map API to obtain and match the user locations with the territory manager, area manager, as well as salesperson in the backend system.

So when the order is placed, it will be received by the Walls administration team. The administrator then changes the status of the order. Then, the admin will check through the billing address on the map. Through the address, the manager will asses from which territory the order is placed. Then, the territory manager changes the status of the area manager. The area manager then receives the SMS and the email. We leverage the Twilo API to integrate the SMS module in Woocommerce.

  • + UI/UX Design
  • + Website development
  • + Customize Woocommerce Integration
  • + WordPress
  • + Google Map API integration
  • + Twillo API integration
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To do this whole process online, we get help from Twillo, with whom we do the API integration. When the area manager changes the order status, the shop's nearest salesperson delivers the order. So this was the challenge Walls Company had, but we did our best to serve the company with our services. We were successful in completing that big project.

At the end of all the efforts, we get a sleek and modern website that perfectly captures the essence of the Walls Ice Cream Brand. The website comes up with engaging content, attractive visuals, as well as user-friendly navigation. As a result, there is a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. Due to the well-designed website, it is, therefore, possible to expand your business to a higher level.

Our web development and web design services successfully helped the Walls Ice Cream business overcome all its problems related to its online presence. This is the main reason, we deliver a great standout digital experience to the customers. This partnership gave outstanding results and also generated sales. After incorporating the particular strategies, their online sales witnessed a remarkable boost. Therefore, the sales of the Walls ice cream increased by about 600%. It is a remarkable growth which is a testament to the impactful enhancements made to their online presence.